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Re: set Global ID field to SHA hash of domain name

Thus spake "Iljitsch van Beijnum" <iljitsch@muada.com>
> It did occur to me that the domain name sellers are in a better
> position to give out these prefixes than the traditional IP address
> registries, though. Especially if you consider that they'd just be
> selling domain names under c.f.ip6.arpa.  :-)

The same thought occurred to me several months ago; the draft even
references the .org registry -- not an RIR -- as a model of how the
allocating authority could be structured.

Also, thinking of this in a domain mindset caused me to rethink whether
local addresses should be in the global DNS.  I can understand the arguments
against it, but as the draft says, there's no harm.  Given the (expected)
sparse population of FC00::/8, the only reason anyone is likely to go
looking for a PTR record is if they received a packet from that prefix -- 
meaning they probably have a legitimate reason to know who sent it.  A
specific example would be two private sites, such as business partners, that
use their local addresses to communicate; these sites should be able to
resolve each others' addresses without mucking around with every DNS server
to list "special" zones that aren't in the global DNS.


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