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Spoofing and SCTP ADD-IP (was Re: Solving the right problems ...)

vinton g. cerf wrote:
>> We would also want to look very carefully at the potential spoofing 
>> opportunity that rebinding would likely introduce.

Randall R. Stewart (home) wrote:
> This is one of the reasons the authors of ADD-IP have NOT pushed to get 
> it done.. some more
> work needs to be done on this area...

is a background document, produced by the MIPv6 route optimization
security design team, that tries to explain the security desing
in MIPv6 RO.  I think that most of the threats and much of the solution
model would most probably apply also to SCTP ADD-IP and, of course,
also other multi-address multi-homing solutions.

--Pekka Nikander

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