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Re: domain names as end-point identifiers?

> first try to overcome the handicap that id/loc
> mapping at the host level will generate hundreds or thousands more
> _times_ requests than on a router-based basis, two or three orders
> magnitude more. 

Having the routers cache id-to-loc mappings is one thing; having them perform
id-to-loc mappings is something else entirely.  Yes, the hosts will still
generate such requests, but those requests don't have to traverse the entire
network if the local router knows what to do with them.  

But a lot is being assumed by the above statement.   I am fairly convinced
that id-to-loc mapping needs to be more like mobile-ip where you send a packet
to the id and get a redirect to the loc if the network can't route to the id,
than like DNS where you make an explicit query across the network and get
a response.


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