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Re: comments on deprecate-site-local-00

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>>> 2       Adverse effects of site local addresses
>>> ==> I showed this draft to a believer of site-local addressing, who 
>>> had had
>>> very little experience with IPv6.  He was not convinced of the 
>>> arguments.
>>> This may be for one of the many reasons.  One fix is to also refer 
>>> to some
>>> documents which include more verbiage than this document, e.g. 
>>> Margaret
>>> Wasserman's SL impact document -- note that such would necessarily 
>>> have to
>>> be a normative reference then, requiring the publication of it as an
>>> Informational doc.
>> People who don't understand the down side of RFC 1918 are hard to 
>> convince
>> by more verbiage, in my experience. So I don't think this would be a
>> good use of our collective effort.
> True, but if we wish to remain relevant, something has to be written
> somewhere.  I fully agree that doing so in *this* document may not be
> worth it; it might be worth it in some other doc, e.g. sl-impact.

I agree with Pekka. HAving this in writing somewhere is important.

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