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Prefix Delegation and Cascading [was why market picked up NATs]


>The other issue is cascading these setups.  Currently, I am unaware of a
>deployed solution for automatically telling a gateway home router what it's
>IPv6 network is (Haberman has written a draft, however, and there may be
>others).  A second issue occurs with cascading.  I have built a zeroconf
>system for doing peer-peer routing, but that's different from hierarchical
>delegation.  These issues are very soluble, but it's a matter of how the
>market wishes to deploy the solutions.

As has been pointed out for prefix delegation there is the requirements 


and the DHCPv6 prefix delegation option:


Both of these are now in the IESG.

One cut at the cascading problem is:


It would be good to get some discussion on this draft.  It was intended to 
meet the ND proxy part of prefix delegation, but there hasn't been very 
much discussion to date.


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