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2nd Call for Agenda Items

Attached is the agenda for Minneapolis as it currently stands.  Work
Group participants are encouraged to contact the chairs with other
topics they wish to have discussed at the meeting.

Brian & Bob
IPv6 WG co-chairs

 Tuesday (11/11/03) 0900-1130
     Intro & Agenda Bashing                   5 minutes
     Milestone Review and Document Status    10 minutes
     MIB Documents                           10 minutes
     ICMP Updates                            10 minutes
     NDP/Stateless Autoconfig Updates        30 minutes
     Node Requirements                       10 minutes
     Flow Label IESG Comments                10 minutes
     Identifier/Locator Separation           15 minutes
     Interoperability Reports???              5 minutes

 Wednesday (11/12/03) 1300-1500
     Intro & Agenda Bashing                   5 minutes
     Local Addressing Requirements           20 minutes
     SL Deprecation Document                 20 minutes
     ULA Document                            15 minutes
     Address Architecture Update             15 minutes
     Scoped Address Arch Document            15 minutes