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RE: Removing features

Hi Fred,

> So in the general case I don't see a problem with deprecating 
> things under the right circumstances, but I do have a problem with 
> removing them outright. Deprecation doesn't prevent people from using 
> them, but outright removal can be dangerous. And in this case, the 
> assertion that one can still use the address prefix in a local manner 
> is simply incorrect; it can be assigned at the whim of IANA, and 
> network administrations need to plan accordingly. 

Actually, we are being very careful about this in the deprecation
of IPv6 site-local addressing.  Christian Huitema and Brian Carpenter 
have co-authored a very carefully written deprecation document that 
makes it clear how these addresses should be treated to avoid problems 
with existing site-local implementations.  And, we are planning to 
instruct IANA not to return these addresses to the regular allocation 


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