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RE: Will IPv4 be formally deprecated when IPv6 is good enough ?


> Mark Smith wrote:
> a) Is IPv4 going to be formally deprecated when IPv6 is good
> enough? If so, are the related IPv4 NAT RFCs also going to be
> deprecated at that time ?

IMHO it's not a matter of being good enough, it's a matter of how many
IPv4 hosts are still up. The IETF deprecating IPv4 would not achieve a
lot; there still are people that use an Apple II and even some that are
writing software and design hardware for it. There will be millions of
diehard IPv4 users for a long while. It's a matter when vendors become
to remove IPv4 from stacks, stop supporting IPv4, and when operators
begin to provide IPv6-only service. In my wildest dreams, 10 years at
least; possibly 20 depending on how good the projections in terms of
IPv4 exhaustion are.

> b) Is IPv6 good enough yet?

Not for most. As long as there is no killer app and as long as IPv4
addresses are available, the investments to move to IPv6 are often not
worth what it brings.

One of the troubles is that v6 does not even do what v4 does: No private
addresses. No PI addresses. No multihoming.

The other trouble is that there is no way to do without IPv4 as of
today. In the enterprise, if someone that implements IPv6 today could
plan on IPv4 removal within two or three years, that would be
considered, but operating dual-stack for 10 or 20 years when IPv4
provides all necessary functions is a waste of money. Keep in mind:
peer-to-peer applications from each desktop to every possible host on
the Internet is not the highest priority of enterprises; it actually is
heavily filtered and firewalled both ingress and egress. As far as the
consumer goes, most on-line gaming and p2p now works across NAT and so
does SIP I hear (with STUN). The only way the consumer is going to
accept IPv6 is when it does not know it's there, which we are not
anywhere close to.


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