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Re: Will IPv4 be formally deprecated when IPv6 is good enough ?

At 07:13 AM 10/14/2003, Mark Smith wrote:
>A little later, it occured to me that maybe what the market might be 
>missing is a statement from the IETF, IESG and/or IAB, that IPv6 is now 
>*ready*, and can be deployed in production via the available transition 
>mechanisms, slowly replacing IPv4 (+ NAT). Maybe the market is really just 
>waiting for the engineers behind IPv6 to say "it's basically finished, its 
>now ready for you to use, pending your applications being ported".

I personally would be very surprised if either the market is waiting for a 
blessing or IPv4 is deprecated. You might ask yourself whether moving RIP 
to historic (deprecated) and OSPF as "required for implementation in all 

1058 Routing Information Protocol. C.L. Hedrick. Jun-01-1988. (Format:
      TXT=93285 bytes) (Updated by RFC1388, RFC1723) (Status: HISTORIC)

2328 OSPF Version 2. J. Moy. April 1998. (Format: TXT=447367 bytes)
      (Obsoletes RFC2178) (Also STD0054) (Status: STANDARD)

RFC 1812, section 7.2.1:
    "A router that implements any routing protocol (other than static
    routes) MUST IMPLEMENT OSPF (see Section [7.2.2]).  A router MAY
    implement additional IGPs."

has significantly affected anyone's willingness to configure RIP routing in 
a network. What *has* affected people's willingness to deploy or to do 
application work is a perception of someone else being willing to pay for 
them doing so and belief that it solves a problem they have. 

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