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[Announce] RA issues for MD/ DNA I-D

Dear IPv6 group,

A while ago there was some discussion about Neighbor Discovery Update. Greg Daley 
and I collected the RA issues for Movement Detection/ Detection of Network Attachment 
in a draft: 

Router Advertisement Issues for Movement Detection/ Detection of Network Attachment 

This draft describes the problems we encountered while working on Movement Detection 
and investigates the possible solutions. We found the information in RA is not adequate for 
efficient Movement Detection due to inconsistency and incompleteness. The contents are: 

1.  Introduction
2. The RA Information Issues/ Problems
 2.1  Link local scope of Router Address
 2.2  Omission of Prefix Information 
 2.3  Lack of Solicitation Acknowledgement 
 2.4  Ambiguity of On-link information (L-bit)
3.  RA optimized for Movement Detection/ Candidate Solutions
 3.1  Complete RA
 3.2  RA with link identifier option

This document has not yet reached the ID WWW site, but is available at the URL:


We are looking forward to you feedback.

Best Regards

JinHyeock Choi and Greg Daley  

  D Šx x%bz)ڶ+Ezli