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Re: IPv6 adoption behavior

On 14 okt 2003, at 19:52, Fred Baker wrote:

> IPv4 address exhaustion will never occur.

Yes, it would be interesting to see the justification needed in order 
to be assigned the last remaining IPv4 address.  :-)

And obviously at some point people are going to stop throwing around 
subnets but tunnel individual IPv4 addresses (possibly over IPv6) so 
each and every address can be made useful.


> The question(s) that raises are "will <pick a point in that game plan> 
> ever occur, and if so, when?"

> My crystal ball is as cloudy as anyone's. But I would expect that it 
> is all a matter of economics.

And we all know economics is just better paid psychology. At some point 
people are going to act on their expectations of what others are going 
to do. Look at the DoD move: they are now requiring v6 because they 
expect the market to pick it up and they don't want to be left behind. 
The market sees the DoD requires it so they start to pick up IPv6 

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