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Re: IPv6 adoption behavior

At 10:15 AM 10/21/2003 -0400, Suresh Krishnan wrote:
>>You are wrong :) They tasted the filth of being behind NAT's
>>and not being able to do a number of things including VoIP.
>I am no NAT apologist but I do not think this is entirely true. Skype runs
>amazingly well behind NATs. As long as NAT is an option people will find
>ways to twist applications to work with it. It is the application
>developer who feels the pain. Not the end user.

But if I want a VoIP communication from me (behind a NAT) to some user 
behind a NAT, not using a 3rd party "location" server, how does v4 deliver, 
without the receiving user having the pain of port forwarding configuration 
on their NAT?

How do I do the same in v4 where I want end-to-end encryption on the 


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