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Re: "RFC 2461bis" issue: DNS configuration

On 23 okt 2003, at 8:46, Soliman Hesham wrote:

>> Why is there no mechanism to learn DNS addresses through router
>> advertisements?

> => A couple of years ago there was a DT that compared several
> different ways of achieving this. The proposal you mentioned
> was one of those addressed. The DT settled on assigning
> 3 different site-local addresses that can be reserved for
> DNS servers. The solution was documented in a draft (I believe
> Itojun, Alain and Dave Thaler co-authored it). But this idea
> didn't get concensus in the WG and I think the draft is dead
> now but I'm not sure. DHCPv6 allows for DNS configuration in
> hosts among other things.

Ok, I only have one word for this: unacceptable.

I stronly suggest everyone who was against this to try running IPv6 for 
a few minutes.

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