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RFC 2461-new issue?

  In section 4.2 of RFC 2461 regarding the RA message format the following 
is mentioned

     Reserved       A 6-bit unused field.  It MUST be initialized to
                     zero by the sender and MUST be ignored by the

The mobile-ipv6 draft draft-ietf-mobileip-ipv6-24.txt mandates using the 
most significant bit of this field as a home agent bit(will be set to 1 if 
the router is also a MIPv6 HA on this link). I do not know what is the 
best way to solve this apparent contradiction. I see the following 
possible solutions (in no particular order)

* Reduce the reserved field length in RFC2461bis to 5 bits
* Change the MUSTs to SHOULDs in RFC2461bis
* Put a note on RFC2461/RFC2461bis in the rfc-index saying it has been 
updated by the MIPv6 RFC(when it comes out)


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