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Re: RFC 2461- issue list

hi Hesham,

here is another issue.

when a router includes a Prefix Information Option (section
4.6.2 of RFC 2461) in the Router Advertisement, and if the
router has an address configured from that prefix, I suggest
including the router's address in the 'Prefix' field. not
just the prefix. the Prefix Length field will still indicate
the prefix length and hosts should be able to figure out
the prefix.

we have had problems when two different interfaces of a
router use the same link local address. some host
implementations just check the source address and assume that
the current router is still reachable even when they move
between links attached to the two interfaces on the router.

we came across this issue at Connectathon 2002. the following
URL has some discussion on it


Mobile IPv6 already defines a Modified Prefix Information
option where the router's address is present in the prefix
field. I would like to see it in the Neighbor Discovery
specification itself. having the global unicast address in
the prefix field will help in movement detection.


Soliman Hesham wrote:
> Folks,
> This is what I found initially. Please let us know if 
> there are any issues that should be added to the list.
> Please note that some of these issues might not necessarily
> be addressed in this revision if they require non-backward 
> compatible changes. The main requirement here is to be 
> backward compatible with our changes. 
> If you wish to express opinions, questions or suggestions  
> please start a separate thread with the issue's header
> in the subject field. 
> Thanks, 
> Hesham
> Issue 1: Mixed Host/Router behaviour
>          by Pekka Savola, May 2001
>          http://www.wcug.wwu.edu/lists/ipng/200105/msg00068.html
>          Erik Nordmark made a comment that the text could be clearer:
>          http://www.wcug.wwu.edu/lists/ipng/200105/msg00077.html
> Issue 2: Check against the case of preferred lifetime > valid lifetime
>          by jinmei, Dec 2002
>          http://www.atm.tut.fi/list-archive/ipng/msg07250.html
>          This thread contained a possible updates on the router behavior of
>          sending router advertisements:
>          http://www.atm.tut.fi/list-archive/ipng/msg07402.html
> Issue 3: On-link assumptions in 2461 considered harmful. 
>          This issue was raised by Alain and documented in:
>          draft-ietf-v6ops-onlinkassumption-00.txt
>          draft-ietf-v6ops-v6onbydefault-00.txt
> Also see related issue in section 2.4 of:
> http://www.ctie.monash.edu.au/ipv6/draft-jinchoi-ipv6-cRA-00.txt
> Issue 4: Advertisement lifetime issues raised by Pete Barany
> Issue 5: Clarifying the use of the M and O flags
>          (raised by Rolf and others during V6ops meeting 
>           in San Francisco)
> Issue 6: The prefix length field in the prefix option
>          and its consistency with the fixed prefix size 
>          (64 bits) in RFC 3513. 
> SEND issues:
> Issue 7: All the security discussions (e.g. assuming that AH
>          or ESP can be added to the ND messages) will need to
>          be put in the context of SEND. 
> Issue 8: Security considerations section needs to consider issues
>          in: draft-ietf-send-psreq-04
> Issue 9: The chicken and egg problem for ND security using IKE
>          as specified in: 
>          draft-arkko-icmpv6-ike-effects-02 
>          and manual SAs issues addressed in:
>          draft-arkko-manual-icmpv6-sas-02
> MIP issues:
> Issue 10: Reducing MIN_DELAY_BETWEEN_RAS from 3 seconds 
>          to 50 ms as specified in MIPv6 (many emails on the 
>          MIP mailing list in October and November 2002)
> Issue 11: Eliminating the random delays required before sending
>           an RS when a mobile node does a handover to a new 
>           link. The random delay imposed by 2461 significantly
>           increases the movement detection time for mobile nodes
> Issue 12: Eliminating the random delays required in 2461 when
>           a router sends a solicited RA. See :
>           draft-mkhalil-ipv6-fastra-04.txt
> Issue 13: Impacts of the omission of a prefix option. 
>           section 2.2 in :
>         http://www.ctie.monash.edu.au/ipv6/draft-jinchoi-ipv6-cRA-00.txt
>           describes the impacts of omitting a prefix option from
>           an RA on movement detection for mobile nodes. RFC 2461 
>           does not require options to be present in every RA.
> Issue 14: Link ids required to aid with movement detection.
>           see:
> http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-pentland-mobileip-linkid-00.txt
> Finally, I recall (but not clearly) some discussions 
> on the clarity of 2461 when it comes to multihomed hosts. But
> I haven't managed to find the relevant thread(s) in the 
> archive. So if you have an issue to add please let me know. 
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