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Re: WGLC comments about scoping-arch

Clarifying two comments (maybe I should have proof-read them more

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Pekka Savola wrote:
> 7) In the section 9, "Forwarding", the second rule about sending an ICMP DU
> is specified.  Has it already been considered whether this applies to
> multicast destination addresses as well?  In the past, we've been a bit more
> hesitant to send replies to the source of multicast packets (e.g. consider
> an almost-global multicast scope that leaks and the source would get e.g.
> thousands of "beyond the scope" packets..) ?
>    o  After the next-hop interface is chosen, the zone of the source
>       address is considered.  As with the destination address, the zone
>       of the source address is determined by the scope of the address
>       and arrival interface of the packet.  If transmitting the packet
>       on the chosen next-hop interface would cause the packet to leave
>       the zone of the source address, i.e., cross a zone boundary of the
>       scope of the source address, then the packet is discarded and an
>       ICMP Destination Unreachable message [4] with Code 2 ("beyond
>       scope of source address") is sent to the source of the packet.

Actually, the scenario I described above should not be a problem, as this
bullet is about the scope of the _source_ address, not the destination
address..  and as the only non-global source address is the link-local,
sending back a message should not be a problem.  Could still be spelled
out explicitly though..

> 8) multicast routing in section 10 is rather weak.  This is a direct
> resolution of switching from unicast site-locals to multicast 
> organization-local addresses.  However, with multicast addresses, it is
> appropriate to use the terms "prefixes" to refer to multicast traffic.  The

this should have been "it is *NOT* appropriate"..

.. sorry..

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