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Re: DNS lookup API (was Re: v6ops-v6onbydefault: link-locals andAI_ADDRCONFIG)

> As far as I can see, the only good reason to have the service argument
> in getaddrinfo is to make it possible for getaddrinfo to perform SRV
> lookups.

that's not a good reason, that's a disaster.  it would change the behavior
of every application on the Internet in an incompatible way, and it would
add new failure modes to every application that isn't already specified 
to use SRV.  it would also tempt NATs to tweak DNS in even more preverse
ways than they already do.

there's a reason that RFC 2782 contains the following text:

> Applicability Statement
>    In general, it is expected that SRV records will be used by clients
>    for applications where the relevant protocol specification indicates
>    that clients should use the SRV record. Such specification MUST
>    define the symbolic name to be used in the Service field of the SRV
>    record as described below. It also MUST include security
>    considerations. Service SRV records SHOULD NOT be used in the absence
>                    -----------------------------------------------------
>    of such specification.
>    ---------------------

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