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Re: IPv6 w.g. Last Call on "Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses"

Thus spake "Alain Durand" <Alain.Durand@Sun.COM>
> Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> >I meant PA because that is all that is in the implementors and
> >registries' hands today. Actually any form of PI would do (they are
> >all equally unrouteable today). I regard the Hinden/Haberman addresses
> >as an easy-to-create form of PI.
> I meant traceable, potentially routable PI. Hinden/Haberman addresses
> are not traceable (in the sense that looking at the prefix I can tell
> who it belongs to), and this is a big difference.

I also object to this part of the draft as well.  IMHO, the registry should
list who the registrant is for a particular prefix, but not allow non-exact
searches.  Reverse DNS should also be available if particular registrants
want to list servers.


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