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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-ipv6-deprecate-site-local-02.txt

> To the implementors:
> a) don't implement SL if you are designing a new product
> b) don't rush removing SL support from your current products, this can
>       be done in future releases.

to application implementors:

a) avoid using SL addresses in applications that exchange addresses
b) don't special-case handling of SL addresses in other kinds of apps

> To network administrators:
> a) don't design new networks using SL
> b) don't rush redesigning your existing network using SL
>      however, don't expect them to work in the future as new 
> implementations will not support SL.

c) don't expect future apps to work with SL

to IETF and other standards organizations:

a) don't utilize SL in any future standards

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