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RE: ICMPv6: New destination unreachable codes

I agree with Christian and Pekka here.

So I think, we mostly agree upon the text that I had sent out
and I don't have to make any changes to that.

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> From: ext Christian Huitema [mailto:huitema@windows.microsoft.com]
> Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2004 1:04 PM
> To: Pekka Savola; marcelo bagnulo
> Cc: Gupta Mukesh (Nokia-NET/MtView); ipv6@ietf.org
> Subject: RE: ICMPv6: New destination unreachable codes
> > But this is just an operational procedure, which needs to 
> be stated in
> > the multihoming solution documents, but something that IMHO must not
> > be added to the ICMPv6 spec, as it's really out of scope from ICMP
> > perspective.
> I agree with Pekka. The purpose of the ICMPv6 document is to 
> reserve the
> code and define the format. As Marcelo said, the MH code can work with
> this code and format. Let's just go with it.
> I understand Marcelo's concern. He (and I) would like to make life as
> good as possible for hosts in multi-homed sites. This will require
> operational rules for hosts and for routers. As I mentioned in a
> previous message, the code definition is a nice first step. 
> It tells the
> host that it should try another source address. It is only a 
> first step,
> because it does not tell which one. The host will have to use some
> heuristic. In some cases, e.g. when there are just two addresses, the
> heuristic is trivial. In more complex cases, having more information
> might help. But it may be a bit early to determine how this 
> information
> should be passed. We could pass it in ICMP messages, but we could just
> as well use a yet-to-be-defined information protocol associating exit
> routers with allowed prefixes, or even let hosts use some cached
> knowledge from previous connections. Given the wide choices, I would
> rather not try to mess around with the ICMPv6 specification.
> -- Christian Huitema

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