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draft-itojun-ipv6-getnameinfo-multiproto-01.txt comments

Seems simple enough to me -- no problem from my part.  I personally can't
see the need for non-Internet service name lookups, but I wasn't sure what
you were referring to in any case.  So I guess that should be either
removed, or expanded to describe the specific scenario better.

more or less editorial issues

==> I'd add IPR boilerplates, copyright sections etc. at the end.

              Multiple protocol support in getnameinfo API

==> s/protocol support/Protocol Support/
(similar elsewhere)


IPv6 basic API [Gilligan, 2003] defines protocol-independent API for
address-to-string conversion, i.e. getnameinfo(3).  Current

==> no references in the abstract.
==> I'd probably use "getnameinfo()" rather than "getnameinfo(3)"

HAGINO                   Expires: August 5, 2004                [Page 1]
DRAFT                   multiprotocol getnameinfo          February 2004

==> "multiprotocol getnameinfo" should probably be reworded to be a bit
fancier :)

does not hold due to multiple reasons, such as (1) there are other
transport protocols coming up like SCTP and DCCP and SOCK_xx and

==> remove "coming up" -- aren't they already there...

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