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Re: Adopt Address Selection API as a WG document?

these choices MUST be made by applications, not by a separate policy 
mechanism, because some applications cannot work unless the right kind
of address is assigned - and the OS cannot be expected to guess what
kind of address the application needs.

or to put it another way, if the policy is to say "you are not allowed
to use a public address" - the proper thing to do is to return an error
to the application that requested this kind of address so that it can
print a message to the effect "local network policy prevents this
application from working here" NOT to give the application an address
that doesn't suit its needs.

one of the tragedies of NAT was that the policies enforced by NAT are
not visible to the applications or users - so the apps get blamed for
the problems that the policies (implicit in NAT) cause.  we need to
not repeat that mistake.

so we certainly do need such an API.  however it's been too long since
I read this draft so I'll stop short of recommending _this_ API until
I've managed to reread it.


> I don't disagree, and I didn't mean to imply that this is relevant
> to multihoming. But in practice I think these choices will be made
> by a separate policy mechanism, not by individual applications.

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