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Re: Question regarding router redirect

Bhaskar S wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question regarding IPv6 router redirect. Can an IPv6
> router send a redirect for a particular route? 
> Here is a situation:
> (It is assumed that no routing protocol is being run)
>                Internet
>                    |
>                    R1
>    +---+-----------+------+-----+ 
>        |                  |
>       R2                  H1
>        |
>       H2
> Let us say Router R1 is the default router for H1. R1 connects
> H1 to internet (IPv6). Also Router R1, R2 and H1 are all on the
> same link. H2 is connected to Router R2. If host H1 wants to
> reach H2 can router R1 redirect it to R2 for this particular
> route?

Yes, R1 will tell H1 that R2 is a better next hop.

> Or will H1 be able to learn about H2 from R2 router
> advertisements?

R2 shouldn't advertise on that (upper) link.


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