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Re: ICMPv6 echo reply to multicast packet thread

Jyrki Soini wrote:

 > An Echo Reply MUST be sent in response to an Echo Request message
 > sent to an IPv6 multicast address. By default hop-limit IPv6 header
 > field MUST be set to value 1 [on non-router hosts?]. The hop-limit
 > SHOULD be administratively configurable. Hop-limit limitation is used to
 > prevent Echo Reply message storms on large multicast groups.
 > If [on non-router hosts?] is added to the wording, routers would
 > send echo reply messages to multicast echo request packets.
 > Still the resulted echo reply storm will be decreased from the current
 > situation.

Clearly, I was not thinking far enough.  Of course usually routers won't
belong to the multicast group even though their forward traffic to it.
Thus [on non-router hosts?] will usually have no affect at all.
Jyrki Soini

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