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Re: simpler prefix delegation


> This started from me looking at draft-bykim-ipv6-hpd-01.txt, what it
> was before that, DHCPv6 + PD, a few proposals at v6ops for integrated
> prefix delegation, etc.. -- I couldn't help thinking, "there must be
> an easier way to delegate an IPv6 prefix in the simplest setups (e.g.,
> when v6 connectivity is obtained through a tunnel) -- DHCPv6 is way
> too heavy-weight".

I disagree that DHCPv6 too heavy-weight (whatever that means).

Haberman's ICMP prefix delegation draft initiated the IPv6 W.G's work
on prefix delegation. it pretty soon became clear that we were
reinventing DHCP, so instead of developing a new DHCP lookalike, we
decided to reuse the existing DHCP infrastructure instead.

if I understand you correctly you want to specify a separate protocol
which handles prefix delegation in a restricted setup. how is the
requesting router going to determine which prefix delegation protocol
to use? can you auto-detect that the user setup is suitable for the
'simple' protocol?

as an implementor I find that implementing only one protocol to solve
a problem is less complex and results in a less heavyweight
implementation, than having to implement two protocols...


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