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Re: simpler prefix delegation


> [Ralph:]
> .....
>> The CLI sets up a pool of prefixes for delegation(1), associates the prefix
>> pool with other DHCPv6 server configuration information (2) and enables the
>> server on an interface (3).  In this example, there is no customer
>> identification or authentication (which is optional).  It's hard to imagine
>> a simpler interface...
> Yep -- the _interface_ can't be much simpler than that.  It can be 
> set-up easily.  Then why again do we need 120+ pages, dozens of 
> thousands of lines of codes, at least 4 messages, etc.etc. to 
> accomplish all this?

DHCPv6 supports a two message exchange.

> This is a very simple case, solved with *very* simple means!

>> Haberman's ICMP prefix delegation draft initiated the IPv6 W.G's work
>> on prefix delegation. it pretty soon became clear that we were
>> reinventing DHCP, so instead of developing a new DHCP lookalike, we
>> decided to reuse the existing DHCP infrastructure instead.
> That was probably based on the premise that it would have had to 
> re-implement everything that DHCP could provide.  I don't make that 
> assumption.  

no, it was made on the assumption that the protocol would have to
fulfill the requirements as stated in the requirements document.

can you please specify exactly what you want to simplify? it is hard
to argue against vague statements like 'complex' and 'heavyweight'...


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