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Re: ASN-based prefixes for leaf ASes

% >         ...  simply pointed out that this was the method
% >         used and documented for preliminary IPv6 address delegations ...
% >         before the creation of the 6bone.  The expectation was/is that
% >         the RIRs should be setting prefix delegation policies and
% >         the IETF should work on protocols.
% However, that expectation applies to stable, well understood technology.
% It seems entirely possible that multi6 will come up with a direction
% that would require some new thinking, and the initial technical discussion
% of that would belong in the IETF (as was the case for CIDR). But that
% discussion doesn't belong on this list, and doesn't belong on the
% multi6 list either, until we have made some architectural progress there.
% So I think we should just leave it for now...

	sure, fine.  Just pointing out the ASN based, prefix assignment
	hack is -very- old and has been abandoned by the IETF in
	favor of the processes we currently use.

% > % draft-savola-multi6-asn-pi-01.txt
% > % (Well, I don't like that proposition either..)
% > % p.s. the correct forum may be multi6.
% > 
% >         Actually, the correct forum would be the RIR public policy mtgs.
% Not yet IMHO, see above.

	actually, I think it is imprudent to not include the
	RIR public policy fourm in any discussions on new address
	assignment plans.  YMMV of course.

%    Brian
% > --bill
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