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Re: simpler prefix delegation

 > The network architect/engineer/admin (customer) community should be
 > considered here, as well.  Are there any customers that have said "DHCPv6 PD
 > is too complex, we want something simpler"?  I haven't heard from any.
That's too much saying.
If delegation of ``prefix'' to CPE is not needed (i.e. only 
address assignment to the 1st hop CPE device is only requir-
ed), DHCPv6 PD is too much.
# In case of this, use ``RA + DAD'' ?

If you assume the case to delegate prefix, DHCPv6 PD may be 
the solution.

# Sorry to say, IPv4 is still attrative for me.
# Also, IPv4 PPP is still attractive for me.

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