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Re: simpler prefix delegation


>> Ole stated that RFC3633 meets those requirements, which it does
>> without requiring that a PD delegating router "re-implement
>> everything that DHCP could provide".
> My point was that DHCP also provides N++ other features which are
> completely unnecessary.  The proposal was specificatlly *not* to
> re-implement everything DHCP is providing.

I'm not sure I understand where you're coming from. if you only want
to do DHCP PD, then you don't need to implement all those 'completely
unnecessary' features.

the amount of work required to implement PD using a DHCP based
protocol engine versus an ICMP based protocol engine is similar. the
benefit of reusing DHCP (ignoring the fact that its already an RFC and
has numerous implementation) is that the cost of implementing and
deploying all the N++ features (DNS, address assignment, SIP, ...)  is
much lower.

it sounds to me like the motivation here is to avoid DHCP at all
cost. I'm certainly not a big fan of DHCP, but I'm pragmatic enough to
see that reinventing DHCP just to get a different acronym isn't worth


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