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Re: simpler prefix delegation

FWIW RFC 2461+2462 is 118 pages and I don't recall people complaining
about them being too complex to implement. I suspect 2 more pages
for DHCPv2 + DHCPV6 PD isn't that significant.

So I think there is something other than page count that matters.
Writing clear specifications which answers the implementor's questions up
front as well as specifies sufficient detail for a high likelyhood
of interoperable implementations etc means that a fair number of things need
to be written down.

Oh - and I think DHCPv6 has more implementable/deployable security than
neighbor discovery (since we were more lax about mandatory to implement
security  and interoperability testing with security back in 1998).
If you want that for the Neighbor Discovery functionality you need to
add 60 to 80 pages of SEND drafts to the page count.


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