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RE: ND-proxy applicability and loop-prevention


I think you're oversimplifying the following issue:

 > > It *might* be sufficient if the solution could detect 
 > loops and sound the alarm
 > > (and stop forwarding frames), but ndproxy can't even 
 > detect loops and shut
 > > itself off. Thus when loops are formed the result is that 
 > the consumer will
 > > see their network die (100% link utilization due to frames 
 > looping around
 > > forever; ndproxy doesn't decrement the hop count).
 > I don't personally think 100% link utilization is that bad a 
 > signal.  

=> I think it's a bad signal, _if_ detected. I.e. An average
user is not even going to know that they have 100% link
utilisation. And _if_ they do, I actually think that neither
the user, nor the help desk first line of support will
have the faintest idea (having been a regular with help
desk people that work for a couple of major operators
in different countries).

 > It rather simply conveys that "oops-- I've done something 
 > wrong when I
 > added the box there." and after it's removed all starts to work again
 > -- intuitive.  

=> So if I somehow get inspired or guess that I should 
remove the proxy and things work, what does that tell me???
Maybe the device is faulty? Maybe I'll take it back to the 
shop! There is nothing intuitive about that from an average
user's perspective. 


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