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RE: ND-proxy applicability and loop-prevention

On Wed, 24 Mar 2004, Erik Nordmark wrote:
> > The user knows that all of his communication attempts fail.  That's a 
> > good signal that there's something wrong.  If the user knows nothing 
> > more of this, he calls helpdesk or some support, which may be able to 
> > identify the problem and eliminate it.
> Which help desk should my grandmother call when this happens?
> The ISP? The vendor for her Tivo-like box? The OS vendor for the laptop?

The same helpdesk she calls when she encounters a weird problem in her 
network connectivity, or in her PC.  Most likely you ;-)

(This is a much more generic problem, not one specific to this 
scenario, obviously.)

> Given that we don't even know what such boxes will look like in 10+ years,
> how can we determine that people would not "plug" them together?
> Perhaps this ability to connect multiple wired and wireless media
> will be to cheap that every laptop, TV and stereo will include it.
> (Many things that don't run on batteries might have such functionality
> for all I can predict.)

You are making assumption that those boxes would also be acting as
routers (in the ND-proxy mode) by default, right?  I don't, and I
don't think doing that would make a lot of sense.

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