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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-ipv6-optimistic-dad-00.txt

On 2004-03-23, Internet-Drafts@ietf.org wrote:
> 	Title		: Optimistic Duplicate Address Detection
> 	Author(s)	: N. Moore
> 	Filename	: draft-ietf-ipv6-optimistic-dad-00.txt
> 	Pages		: 14
> 	Date		: 2004-3-23

G'day all,

	Well, IETF Seoul brought a consensus that this is to
become a working group item, so here it is :-).

	Thanks to Jinmei Tatuya, Pascal Thubert and Ahmet
Sekercioglu for their rapid feedback, I've tried to answer
your concerns in this version so let me know what you think!

	I think most of the small bugs are ironed out, so it's
time for the draft to undergo some serious scrutiny: eg, finding
the big bugs!  Specifically, I'd like to get reviews on:

	* internal IPv6 WG issues, eg: compatibility with
		RFC246[12]{bis} and friends;
	* network configuration work like SEND and DNA;
	* mobility solutions work like HIP, MOBIKE, MobileIPv6;
	* interaction with higher layer protocols.
	If you can provide a review from any of those points,
let me know ... I'll be putting together a web page tracking
issues, and I'd like to take an issues list to IETF San Diego.


-----Nick 'Sharkey' Moore.

PS: Slides from Seoul are up at <http://bluesky.zoic.org/sharkey/>.
Issue #1 is "NM: section 2 is rather waffly, whereas the slides are 
rather terse: seek a happy medium."

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