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[psg.com #271] Using stable storage for autoconfigured addresses

Proposed Resolution: revise section 5.7 as follows.

5.7 Retaining Configured Addresses for Stability

   An implementation that has stable storage may want to retain
   addresses in the storage when the addresses were acquired using
   stateless address autoconfiguration. Assuming the lifetimes used are
   reasonable, this technique implies that a temporary outage (less than
   the valid lifetime) of a router will never result in the node losing
   its global address even if the node were to reboot. When this
   technique is used, it should also be noted that the expiration times
   of the preferred and valid lifetimes must be retained, in order to
   prevent the use of an address after it has become deprecated or

   Further details on this kind of extension are beyond the scope of
   this document.

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