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RE: RFC 2461 : Neighbor Discovery

Hi JINMEI and Hesham,

I am looking for “Router to Router” connected by PPP links (POS) running

Since ND is a union of (ARP, ICMP Rotuer Discovery, ICMP Redirect and
others), which part of ND is needed (or has to be implemented) in both

Thanks in advance,

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>>>>> On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 06:17:18 -0400, 
>>>>> "Soliman Hesham" <H.Soliman@flarion.com> said:

>> From router point of view, global address can be get from 
>> Configuration. So
>> I am still thinking, for router case do we need ND?

> => Do you think hosts connected to your router 
> will need the information I mentioned in the last 
> email? If yes, they will send RSs. 

> I don't know what you're using the router for but
> I don't know of any case where I can categorically
> say don't implement RFC 2461. I think that it's 
> basically always needed. If for nothing else, a host
> might want to use NUD for reachability confirmation.

I think the original question is rather vague:

>>>>> On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 11:01:37 +0530, 
>>>>> "Subramonia Pillai - CTD, Chennai" <subramoniap@ctd.hcltech.com> said:

> My doubt is "Should I run ND on PPP links in addition?"  Can any one
> tell me with the reason?

about which part of ND the question is asking (RFC2461 or RFC2462,
which part of each spec, etc).

Additionally, from the latter part of this thread, there seems to be
another confusion on whether we are only concentrating on routers,
only on hosts, or on both.

For further constructive discussion, these points should be clarified
in the first place, IMO.

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