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Re: Response to AD comments on draft-ietf-ipv6-unique-local-addr-03.txt

Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> Thus spake "Brian Haberman" <brian@innovationslab.net>
> > Margaret Wasserman wrote:
> >  >     This would appear to be incompatible with the IANA considerations
> >  >     section that says:
> >  >
> >  >>    If deemed
> >  >>    appropriate, the authority may also consist of multiple
> organizations
> >  >>    performing the authority duties.
> How about:
> IANA MAY delegate assignment capabilities to more than one entity.  If this
> occurs, the various entities must assign addresses using a method that is
> indistinguishable from that of a single entity.  Specifically, the method
> MUST prevent collisions between assignments by different entities and MUST
> NOT rely on subdividing the assignable address space in a manner that
> promotes or resembles any aggregation scheme.

I don't think we need to say this. The simple fix s/source/authority/
in the earlier text puts the whole matter in IANA's hands, where it

For the record, I agree with all Brian H's proposals except for the DNS
bit that needs to be fixed.


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