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Re: the protocols for the M/O flags (Re: [rfc2462bis] whether we need the M/O flags)

On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 07:28:39PM +0900, JINMEI Tatuya / ?$B?@L@C#:H wrote:
> My point in this message is that IMO we should specify the protocols
> corresponding to these flags clearly and concretely, without leaving
> any ambiguity (I've changed the subject accordingly.)  That is, I
> strongly believe we should clearly say in rfc2462bis, *for example*,
> - the protocol that should be invoked by the M flag is DHCPv6
>   (RFC3315), and nothing else
> - the protocol that should be invoked by the O flag is stateless
>   DHCPv6 (RFC3736), and nothing else

But in reality nodes will have full DHCPv6 client support in them (3315)
whether or not they then see the M or O flag that is what they will use?

All the DHCPv6 servers implemented to date, to my knowledge, are 3315 and
not the 3736 subset.   

So it is better to just say O flag is other (non address) configuration
data, regardless of full/subset of DHCPv6 used?


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