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RE: IPv6 Work Group Last Call for "Default Router Preferences and More-Specific Routes"

Rich, Dave,

Quick comment/question on the router selection spec.

When a parameter is changed (e.g. the operator changes the default
router preference or adds a route option) what should the router do?
I guess it's implicit it should do the same as [RFC2461,6.2.4,last
para] i.e. as for "becoming an advertising interface". If so, could
this be made explicit?

When a router interface is going down: [RFC2461,6.2.5] currently says
(roughly) "SHOULD transmit one or more RAs with Router Lifetime
zero". I'm uncertain if this would clear a ::/0 route in a type C host
- the text currently says "updates a ::/0 route ... based on the Router
Advertisement message header". Does "update"
encompass "delete"? Also, such a final RA wouldn't clear any more
specific routes. Does the latter case need some more text e.g. "SHOULD
send all more specific routes with lifetime zero" or somesuch?



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