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Request to Advance "IPv6 Scoped Address Architecture"

Margaret, Thomas,

The chairs of the IPv6 working group, on behalf of the working group, 
request that the following document be published as a Proposed Standard:

	Title		: IPv6 Scoped Address Architecture
	Author(s)	: S. Deering, B. Haberman, T. Jinmei, E. Nordmark,
                          B. Zill
	Filename	: draft-ietf-ipv6-scoping-arch-01.txt
	Pages		: 23
	Date		: 2004-2-13

A working group last call for this document was completed on May 6, 
2004.  This draft resolves issues raised during the previous working group 
last call.  No issues were raised during this last call.

Bob Hinden / Brian Haberman
IPv6 Working Group Chairs

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