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Dear Sirs, 
I highly appreciated finding your draft 
concerning "DHCP Option for Configuring IPv6-over-IPv4 Tunnels" 
at IETF. 
To my mind this is one of the simplest form of a first transition 
for mobile (GPRS) operators to supply IPv6 to 
their customers. 
After finding the tunnel endpoint via your DHCP option 
a dual stack mobile phone can do autoconfiguration (or DHCPv6) 
accros the tunnel and obtain a globally unique IPv6 address, 
allthough its IPv4 address is only private. 
(no DAD is needed as link-local address is constructed from 
IPv4 address, which is unique within operators area). 
I hope that your suggestion evolves to an RFC soon. 
Best regards 
   Peter Grubmair 

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