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Re: [rfc2462bis issue 281] Requirement for 64bit I/F ID

>>> I am still of the belief that limiting the routing prefix to 64 bits 
>>> is a
>>> shortsighted design choice that will limit the lifetime and 
>>> applicability
>>> of IPv6.  Anything we can do to discourage the notion that an 
>>> interface
>>> ID shall be 64 bits now and forever is, IMHO, a good idea.
>> Just checking: is this an agreement or a disagreement on the proposed
>> text for rfc2462bis, or is this just an opinion on the (seemingly)
>> fixed constant of the IFID/prefix length?
>> In any event, the proposed text does not contain a hard-coded "64" and
>> does contain a note that an implementation should expect a different
>> length of IFIDs/prefixes than the one currently used.  So I guess you
>> can live with it.
> No responses...I interpreted the silence as a sort of agreement, and
> I'm going to close this issue with the proposed text.

If the previous message was sent to me, I missed it.  But yes, I do 
support the proposed text.


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