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RE: IPv6 WG Last Call: draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-v3-04.txt


> Please consider my mail earlier today on IANA Considerations as part
> of WG LC.  That part needs a lot more baking, I fear.

Bob has already replied to the other mail.  So I would skip this

> Further, my earlier issue still stands -- I'd prefer to remove an
> unimplemented ICMP source address selection specification, i.e., case
> (c) in section 2.2.  Features that nobody found useful to implement
> and deploy are something that should be removed at Draft Standard. I'd
> be interested in hearing others opinions about this though (Jinmei was
> the only one who commented AFAIR, without much preference either way)

I talked to the chairs about this and they asked me not to remove this
paragraph. They don't see enough consensus on the list to remove it.
Though not many people have responded, the draft is in late stages 
and it is not a good idea to remove something unless it is causing 
really bad issues.


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