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Re: [rfc2461bis] Security issues

Yes, that's what I was wondering about. Considering 2641 was published in
1998, I would think that the NBMA situation would have been worked out by
now. So 2641bis could include a reference to the RFC describing how to do ND
on NBMA links, or, if there is no longer a question about using 2641
directly on NBMA links, as perhaps 3314 and 3316 indicate, then references
to those.


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Sorry, I forgot to reply to one point.

 > I thought 2461 explicitly did not apply to point to point links or
 > point-to-point like links such as cellphones, and other
 > links that were NBMA
 > (speaking of which, I suppose the actual NBMA technology has
 > been worked out
 > by now, so the statement in Section 1 paragraph 2 about NBMA
 > being FFS might
 > be obsolete and, if so, could be replaced by a reference to
 > the RFC where
 > that is described).

=> You're referring to the following paragraph:

   Unless specified otherwise (in a document that covers operating IP
   over a particular link type) this document applies to all link types.
   However, because ND uses link-layer multicast for some of its
   services, it is possible that on some link types (e.g., NBMA links)
   alternative protocols or mechanisms to implement those services will
   be specified (in the appropriate document covering the operation of
   IP over a particular link type).  The services described in this
   document that are not directly dependent on multicast, such as
   Redirects, Next-hop determination, Neighbor Unreachability Detection,
   etc., are expected to be provided as specified in this document.

=> So far there is no explicit prohibition on ND on NBMA links.
It leaves the door open for future tweeks if needed.

   details of how one uses ND on NBMA links is an area for further

=> Perhaps this statement can be made clearer. I assume that
it is referring to applying some form of multicast to
NBMA links? Perhaps Erik or Thomas can shed some light
on the intention here.
I can put some reference to 3314 and 3316 as examples for
using ND in a cellular point-to-point-like link.


 > The discussion of IPsec in Section 11.2 looks fine.

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