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RE: WLAN (was Re: IPv6 Host Configuration of Recursive DNS Server)

> I think that the Point-to-Point idea has some merits,
> but the applicability is not general.
> I think that if we're going to keep the ethernet-like
> nature of WLAN (it is a deployed base) then the
> hosts which are aware of their performance issues
> need to respond to them.
> I'll see if I can come up with a reasoned description
> of my idea in a draft.
> (reasoned may be the difficult part for me).
It's not necessarily about deprecating ethernet emulation but maybe
about adding additional possible abstraction for L3 to use over the same
MAC. This could be negotiated on a per association basis, defaulting to

Anyway the initial problem stands, even if the solution that came with
it is debatable. There needs to be an adaptation to the Neighbour
Discovery mechanism when used over WLAN because the nature of the
network makes it inefficient.

Even when using ethernet emulation, there is still some knowledge
somewhere that there is a hub and spoke behind. I believe that the
proposal must use that and give a specific role to the AP in order to
avoid the use of multicast. 

I'm not sure it means piggybacking with the beacons at all. But I think
it's asymmetrical. An AP based range as I succinctly described has some
merits, but then we have to look at the interaction with movements. Like
if you get your address from AP1 and then move to AP2, AP2 may want to
check with AP1 that the MAC/IP address is a correct match.


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