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RE: [psg.com #245] Mixed host/router behavior

> How about a compromise that makes it clear that
>  - isRouter and all other ND configuration and state is per interface
>    thus there is nothing in the specification which prevents a node
>    being a host on some interfaces and a router on other interfaces.
>    The behavior of such nodes on a particular interface is specified
>    in this document.
>  - the details of how such nodes work across interfaces i.e. how the node
>    determines which interfaces forward packets between each other etc
>    are out of scope for the document.

	i do not like this way.  i would like to put:
	- a node is either a host or a router.  it is a per-host property,
	  not per-interface property.  "advertising interface" has nothing
	  to do with host/router (as jinmei described)
	- (if really necessary) in Appendix, talk about mixed mode node,
	  and benefits/caveats/pitfalls in doing so.  even if we do not write
	  it up, vendors will do it anyways so my preference is not to mention
	  mixed mode at all.


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