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Re: [NRO comment on ULA 3] Needed changes

Thus spake "Dan Lanciani" <ipng-incoming@danlan.com>
> |        It may be that this issue of assignments performed in perpetuity
> |        vs fixed period renewable assignments should be a matter of
> |        choice by the client as the time of assignment, and that charge
> |        applicable to this service reflect the different cost structure
> |        of secure maintenance of assignment records for a fixed period vs
> |        costs for this record maintenance to be undertaken in perpetuity.
> This would appear to be a serious change in the nature of the addresses
> contemplated by the draft.  I think we need to discuss how to implement
> the addresses as specified, not how to make them more like existing rental
> space.  I also suggest that these types of concerns (which are inevitable
> if the existing RIRs handle the allocations) are a strong reason to
> using a separate allocation authority.

Indeed.  Perpetual assignments require a significantly different business
model than the RIRs currently operate under (annual rent).  Merely allowing
non-perpetual assignments violates the very heart of the proposal, and the
difference in fee structures presented may lead many short-sighted
registrants to pick annual rent, making local prefixes little different from
any other RIR assignments (since routability isn't guaranteed for either).
If non-perpetual assignments were allowed, we should mandate the minimum
duration of a registration to something that approximates our goals, such as
a decade.

Playing Devil's Advocate, perpetual assignments will also inevitably lead to
a situation where, after many years (think decades), the majority of
assignments will be stale because the registrant no longer exists but didn't
return the assignment.  While there's no concern about running out of
assignable prefixes, it's not sound engineering practice to maintain data
known to be useless, and it drives up the up-front cost that a registrar
must charge.  Any prospective registrar would be right to worry about this.


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