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Re: WLAN (was Re: IPv6 Host Configuration of Recursive DNS Server)

Hi Masataka, Greg, and Pekka,

Masataka Ohta wrote:

> Because of its bloated set of features, I think ND hopeless.

and Pekka Savola wrote:

> But while IPv6 over WLAN may not be fully optimal, as it requires
> link-layer acknowledgements of multicast packets, I think many already
> deem it to work to a *sufficient* degree .. and I'm not sure whether
> there would be consensus for specifying e.g. the changes you
> suggested.  Data (simulations, measurements, etc.) about the
> performance, latency, etc. increases might help.

and elsewhere Greg Daley wrote:

> If there are issues in creating new NC entries
> (particularly for mobile nodes) then they should
> be tackled in IRTF MobOpts or fed to the MIP6/MIPSHOP
> WGs.
> All of these groups may require some quantification of
> the problems and the proposed solutions before they
> take on work though (rather than dire 'ND is broken'
> statements).

I tend to agree with Greg and Pekka here. I do agree that
we have performance and other issues with wireless
link layers. Many of these issues are known and
currently being dealt with somewhere, and for the
rest we should carefully define the problems and discuss
how they should be solved. Some issues can be solved
using IPv6 over Foo documents, while others are
best suited for a general solution.


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