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Re: IPv6 WG Last Call:draft-ietf-ipv6-optimistic-dad-01.txt

On 2004-08-03, JINMEI Tatuya / ?$B?@L@C#:H wrote:
> To save time, here is a summary of my opinion on the substantial
> request to optimistic DAD.

Thanks Jinmei.  I think we're not that far apart in our
opinions after all :-)

> Finally, I admit some of the above points may be controversial, and
> different people in the working group may have different opinions.  Of
> course, I'll follow the wg consensus and I'm not going to stick to my
> points if it's "just me".

Same here!  Such is the way of rough consensus :-)  If anyone
on the list has strong opinions on any of the issues, please
step forward and be counted :-)

Thanks for digesting the big issues down, I've added these
three points to the issues list, and I'm revising my 
presentation to focus on these things since I feel they're
the most urgent to discuss with the WG.

Nick 'Sharkey' Moore  <sharkey@zoic.org>  <http://zoic.org/sharkey/>
"A thing should be as simple as it is and no simpler." -- Albert Einstein

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