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Ping6 Problem with link local address

Hi, I try to implement the simple ipv6 intranet
among the pcs within the same network.
So I use the link local address starting with fe80::

The environment is the following
PC1 - WinXP SP1 
PC2 - Win2003Server with Port Filtering(TCP) 

Both PC can ping6 to itself.
But when those pc try to ping6 to the other pc.
It is rejected.
All the other PCs including router does not accept IPv6.
But those pcs are connected via a HUB.

When I try to ping6 to other the following error
ping6 fe80::xxxxx NG 
ping6 -s fe80::xpxxxx fe80::2003xxxx 

Parameter problem. 
Specify correct scope-id or use -s to@specify source address

Could somebody give me tips,
Thank you


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