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Come & Test @ IPv6 Plugtests - 11 - 15 October 2004,Cannes (French Riviera) - 2nd REMINDER

Dear All,

ETSI Plugtests(tm) Service is organizing its 5th IPv6 Interoperability
Event. The event will be held from 11th - 15th October 2004 at the
Sofitel of Cannes-Mandelieu French Riviera !
Registration is available at:
Deadline to register is 24 September 2004

TAHI & IRISA will provide the following tests:
o Conformance tests : IPv6 Core Protocols, NAT-PT, 6to4, OSPF.v3,
	RIPng, MIPv6 , IPsec  ...
o Interoperability tests : MIPv6, NEMO, IPsec, IKENAT-PT, 6to4, 
	OSPF.v3, RIPng...
o DHCPv6
And many more tests possibilities ! 
If you need to test other features or even to provide tests, please
contact us at: plugtests@etsi.org

It will also be possible to apply for the "IPv6 Ready Logo" during the
Please read this section to know what can be expected.

Patrick Guillemin from the ETSI Plugtests Service is currently at
IETF#60 in San Diego,
if you are able to find hime there :-) he will answer all your

Forward this message as much as you can and we look forward to welcoming
you in October.

Nathalie GUINET & Patrick GUILLEMIN
ETSI Plugtests(tm) Team
Tel: +33 4 92 94 43 62
Fax: +33 4 92 38 49 13

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